Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Put Your Hands Together and Welcome...

...Our first pets!!!!! I can't describe my excitement about mine and Jennifer's new pets. Unfortunately 11 have died so far but I think these guys are here to stay for a while.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back When I Was A Kid...

So I was reading my friends Kenny & Jill's blog the other day and I read about a post that made me think. Her post was about the good old days and what stories we will tell over and over again to our kids and grandkids that will make them think we are really old. So with Jill's permission I am posting my responce to her idea.

I remember the good old days when I used to have to type reports to turn in for homework. Because my Dad felt that only secretaries would have to use computers, our family never had one. This is when I would have to grab a case that felt like it was 150 lbs., put it on the table, open it up, and plug in the typewriter. I used to hate messing up and then breaking out the liquid whiteout to fix my mistake. You see liquid whiteout is not like whiteout today, you have to wait for it to dry rather than just rolling the whiteout onto your mistakes like how these kids do it today. Eventually we bought an electric typewriter that had an erasing strip. That was like a dream come true. I used to write things out on our typewriter and watch carefully as I pressed the erase button and one by one the letters would disappear. It was a wonderful marvel of technology.

Eventually my parents got a divorce and my mother saw the wisdom of having a computer at the house. The typewriter didn’t get much action after that until my brothers and I all served as missionaries and filled our missionary applications out. We used the typewriter to avoid our really bad penmanship.

You see before we had this amazing machine I would have to write letters and mail them off through the USPS so my friends would be informed about what was going on with my life. There was a very pretty girl I met while she was vacationing here in California from Tennessee. We wrote back and forth for about two to three years, all handwritten, all mailed through the USPS. Eventually we lost touch.

Now that we had this computer I was able to unplug our phone, and plug in another phone line that was attached to our computer. After that was done I could log onto our AOL account and send letters through the World Wide Web!!! Whenever I would log onto our AOL account it would take about a minute before we were actually “online”. All the while our computer would make this hideous sound like it was sending a fax or something. Now-a-days these kids just have to press one button and they are online instantaneously! Oh, that reminds me. You kids probably don’t even know what a fax is now do you?

Ah Man, I remember the good ole’ days.

What stories will you tell your kids and grandkids about your ancient past?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


So this...

Equals this...

and also this...

I don't care what you say, my niece is cooler than yours!

P.S. I sure hope that the anonymous reader sees this post!!!