Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ok, so here is a confession. I love chocolate. I feel like a woman sometimes with my obsession over chocolate. I struggle to avoid it but I think that I am making some major progress with limiting my chocolate consumption.

My favorite chocolate is Dove. It is so so good. They even have these cheesy phrases that are written on the inside of each wrapper that they call a Promise Message. So today I had a weak moment and I ate a dove chocolate. As disappointed in myself as I was for eating the chocolate, I was even more disappointed in the Dove Promise Message. It said, "Think of every day as a Sunday". That would be awful! Listen, I love Sundays. I go to church every Sunday and I love being there. Also on Sunday's I don't shop, go to the movies, eat out at a restaurant or do anything that require someone else to have to work. If I treated every day like a Sunday, Sunday would no longer be special. I also couldn't ever do anything. Today, I am mad at Dove.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Had a Dream...

The other night I had a dream. It was actually a really great dream and it did make me very happy. Well this is what happened. Jennifer and I had a baby! Now let me clarify something here. Contrary to popular belief, Jennifer and I do want to have children. We are excited about becoming parents. We have this crazy idea that people should plan these things out and having a child right now is just not in our plans. Would we be unhappy if Jennifer got pregnant? Not at all, in fact we would be so excited. We just want to wait a little bit longer.

Now back to the dream. Well Jennifer wasn’t around when the nurse asked me for our baby girl’s name. We were just about to leave the hospital and we had not named our daughter yet. I was taken a little off guard when she asked so I gave them the first name that came to my mind. Well I had a little bit of explaining to do as I told Jennifer that I named our daughter Recluse. I have no idea why I named her that but we learned a valuable lesson that day. Have a name ready.