Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Monster Squad

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated the blog. I do have a worthwhile entry to share with you all though.

As a kid I fell in love with a classic movie. As a matter of fact I fell in love with a bunch of movies as a kid. The only problem about this is when you fall in love with a movie as a kid you will later on in life want to watch it again thinking it is the greatest movie ever made. Well you are now a few years wiser and now can't figure out why you ever liked this movie in the first place.

My first experience like this came when I wanted to watch The Great Outdoors again when I was an adult. I thought this movie was the funniest movie ever made. I loved the scene when they shoot the grizzly bear in the butt. So a few years ago I watched this movie again and it was so incredibly stupid, it made me question all movies I loved as a kid.

Last night I watched The Monster Squad with my wife.
This movie was the greatest monster movie of my time. Well, after last nights review again I have to say that this movie is nothing short of spectacular. I completley forgot about Gillman. Even though Gillman didn't do anything really I would have to say that he is freaking scary and completely a completely awesome character. Dracula however, is the coolest monster of all. This movie perfectly animates how bad A he really is. I totally recommend everyone to at least rent this film. I am probably going to buy it soon. Do yourself a favor and watch the video on The Monster Squad link.


Erin | Adam said...

So good! You know another movie that I loved from my youth that held up thru the years? Return to Oz!

Erin | Adam said...

Wolfman's got nards!