Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gas Stations Suck

This bugs me beyond belief. $75.00 does not buy you a whole lot of gas these days, however there are some gas stations that will only sell you $75.00 of gas per transaction. This means that I need to make two transactions just to fill up my gas tank or I have to come to the gas station earlier than I ought to.

Also, because of this stupid limit, I will now get fewer miles to the tank. Let me explain. My car gets around 330 miles to the tank and I know that as long as I get to the gas station before my odometer hits about 320 miles, I will be fine. I ran out of gas one week on the freeway when I had 290 miles on my odometer. Why you might ask? Because I was expecting to get 330 miles and forgot that my last "fill up" stopped at $75.00 When I was trying to fill it up and my tank was not actually filled up. I hate when gas stations do this.


Katie said...

I got gas the other day at a station where the cut off was $49!!! What the?!?!? Really? $49? Come on!

Michael said...

Katie, I am so sorry that this happend to you. What are the gas stations thinking?

Kelly & Nate Wright said...

I haven't been cut off yet but man, that stinks!