Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nobama 08

You would never see this covered on the news.


Tayebi Sisters said...

mikey, the fact that you retrieved this from youtube clearly denotes that these speeches were indeed covered by the news/media.

Ian said...

Mike... I think your point was well made that while the media did indeed tape record this event, no one made a big deal about it. If McCain had done this, there'd be a million stories about how he's too old to talk, let alone run the country.
And uhh... Youtube isn't the media. I can post a video from my camera-phone on Youtube if I wanted. But I digress.
Thank you for posting this. Go Ann Coulter and! Except don't get drunk. I don't condone it. This message has been approved by Ian Robertson.

Rebekah said...

youtube is media. duh. and youtube got these clips from a news source. double duh.

Erin | Adam said...
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