Friday, March 20, 2009

Mountain Biking

So many of you may know that I have taken up a new hobby. I bought myself a Mountain Bike last January and it is Uhh-MAY-ZING!!!!!!!! I have so many great stories like how I already cracked my first helmet, crashing over the handlebars, riding down insane rocky hills in the dark, and so on. Well I love it and you may find a few blog post in the future about my Biking.

Last Saturday I went biking with a few of my friends. It was a fun ride and is the ride I cracked my helmet on. I couldn't get this picture totally centered because I had to do a timer and set the camera on a steel post. In this picture we have Rhett, myself, Skyler and Elise.

The boys...

And this is who I have to thank for getting me into Mountain Biking. And yes I know that I capitalized Mountain Biking. I actually considered capitalizing the whole two words to show you my true feelings for MOUNTAIN BIKING but I thought that may be a bit much. Thank you Skyler and Elise.

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Bek said...

dude, mike, i am impressed with your mad blogging skills first and foremost. you are pumping the posts out and i so dig that about you.

secondly, you rule for being so adventurous.

turdly, sky and elise are the raddest couple around. they are my role models.