Thursday, January 14, 2010


So my sister just emailed me some old pictures from many years ago. We both love these pictures and I thought I would share them with the World Wide Web and you.

This is one of two of my siblings Jeff and Kelly and also myself. We are probably getting ready to go to church or something.

This one is of Kelly and me at Joshua Tree. We went there with my Dad years ago because he wanted to see if this would be a good spot to take the scouts for a camp out. We love this place.


Bek said...

you look like a little devil in the first pic!

Sarah said...

I love these pictures!

Anonymous said...

The first one is at home for an Family Picture that we took, the second one is at Zions National Park. I do not beleive that Dad took kelly to Joshua Tree


Kelly and Nate Wright said...

Actually I think I was there. Not that I remember, but I had been told over the past years that I was there.

It's sort of sad to see that I'm still just as white now as I was then. Bummer.