Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Las Vegas 2010

So this past weekend one of my favorite cousins (sorry to all other cousins currently reading) was married in Las Vegas. Jennifer and I decided to make our way up there on Saturday morning and then spend the whole weekend in Vegas. These are the highlights.

We decided to celebrate Jennifer's birthday a week late while we were in Vegas because things are more fun there. We had a gift certificate to Morton's and we decided to see a show on Saturday night. On our drive up there, Jennifer called Morton's to make our reservation for dinner. For some unexplained reason when they asked Jennifer if we were celebrating anything special the first thing out of her mouth was Anniversary. She figured that her birthday already passed and our anniversary was next. So naturally we celebrated our 4 year anniversary last weekend.

After that we saw the Cirque Du Soleil show called KA at the MGM Grand. That show was amazing. Enough said.

The next day we traveled around Vegas. Here is some proof of that.

On Sunday night we went to my cousin's wedding. The lighting wasn't great so here are the best pictures of the wedding.

Here we are with my cousin Natallie.
It's not very American to not love the YMCA.


Kelly and Nate Wright said...

You guys are going to make pretty baby's (babies, not sure which is correct in this case). And Natloo looks beautiful. And those pictures of you, Rhett and Ryan doing the YMCA are just priceless.

The Grady's said...

I love Morton's! Tell me you ordered a souffle! And yes, as one of your apparently non favorite cousins, I am super offended! :)

Katie said...

look like a fun trip! im so glad you liked KA! it is amazing.
next time we'll have to go with you :)

Bek said...

hot couple.