Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tin Mine Canyon

So I got a new Camera! It can be seen here on my lap on my friends Rebekah & Sarah's blog while I am posing in a picture with Donnie! I love Donnie and it was good to see him again.

But this post isn't about that party or about Donnie or about my new camera; however I think I will have new things to blog about because of my new camera, new things to blog about such like the post you are about to read. The post which you are about to read is about a little place called Tin Mine Canyon.

I got off work a little early last Thursday so my wife Jennifer, my dog Samantha and myself decided to go on a little hike. It has been raining like crazy here in Southern California and we wanted to see the damage done to one of our favorite hiking spots in Corona.

Tin Mine Canyon is about two miles away from our home and it shoots off of Skyline Road in Corona. I love finding unexpected places close to home and this trail is just that. Why is it called Tin Mine Canyon you ask? Well they used to mine tin there a long time ago genius.

The recent rain thrashed the trail, but it also brought on some welcomed sites. Here is your photographic tour.
We now have a river

Here are my girls

Family picture. Sam doesn't really get the whole camera timer concept

Did I mention I also got a tripod?

Jen took this picture of the moss on rocks which we both thought was pretty

My beautiful wife

I thought this was amazing. The river tore the trail apart. This little chunk of trail survived the river though I have no idea how this was possible.

The old trail

Ahead you can see the trail and how the river cut it away.

This bank is literally 5 feet high. It's crazy to think this storm could plow away 5 feet of earth so easily.

Well I think that it is safe to say that I am back considering I have four new post in just a couple weeks! Bravo to me.

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Bek said...

you two are some sexy hikers.