Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Love Bob Dylan

I had the most real dream last night. I was watching the news and they were doing a story about Bob Dylans death. I was so bummed out. I love Bob Dylan and I was really sad about his death. The dream was so real that I had to look it up this morning when I got to work to see if it was true. In my dream, Jennifer couldn't understand why I was so upset that he died. I'm telling you now and I solemnly declare to the world that Bob Dylan is the man. He is the greatest song writer I know and although his singing is border line unintelligible these days, I still love to hear him sing.

My wish for February 2011 is that all of you will know what an amazing man, singer, songwriter, and person Bob Dylan is.

Here are a series of videos of one of my favorite songs of Bob Dylan. All of these artist were obviously inspired by Bob. Some of these versions are long but it is an amazing song and worth listening to every version. Please enjoy All Along The Watchtower performed by:

Dave Matthews:

Pearl Jam Sorry, I couldn't embed this one.

Of coarse Jimi:

For some reason Bob's version is not on youtube and I don't know how to embed his song from my itunes so you'll just have to trust me that it is amazing.


Dana said...

I love him, too. This post seriously scared me that he died. I don't really watch TV or news anymore, so news like that goes by me unnoticed.

Like when Michael Jackson died, everyone knew about it, but I didn't, and the way your post began, it felt like MJ all over again.

Dylan is still alive, right?

Bek said...

i will try to become more of a fan. his voice makes me want to kill myself. but if you say i must like him, i must believe.

Bek said...

i thought you just loved farting.