Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Names

So I was looking back on my blog today and ran across this one. Now that Jennifer is pregnant, we are talking about names. Names are a hard thing to come up with. Hopefully we don't blow it. By the way, because Jennifer is pregnant and this is what pregnant people do who have blogs...why don't you vote to see what the sex of my first born is.


Bek said...

I still think Recluse is a beautiful name. Though you should talk to my sister. She once knew a woman named Gymanasium. That name kinda takes the cake.

Ben said...

We vote Har$ or La-a for a girl. Leahcim for a boy.

Dana said...

I guess Recluse *sounds* kind of pretty...as long as you don't think about what it means. Good luck with finding a name. The classics are pretty safe...Emily, Beth, ...Belvedere?