Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thank You Elise

Well, after much encouragement and by way of request from many of my closest fans, I have now created a blog. We can all actually thank Elise for this, because she is the one that actually talked me into doing this. I hope that I too can one day be a fantastic blogger and that I will be able to capture everyones attention and have everyone of you eagerly awaiting my next entry.

As for now I do have so much to talk about, but so little time because I have to go to Johnny Machete's house. My first blog will be about a fish.

My brother Jeff and myself were in the city of Colton getting lunch on our way home from Indio. We saw a pet store next to the Hawaiian BBQ we ate at and as we are both lovers of the animal kingdom we decided to stop on in. This place for the most part a tropical fish store. I, myself am a certified Scuba Diver and do love to look at fish so I was especially interested in all that I saw.

As I was being mesmerized by this beautiful box fish my brother Jeff said, "Mike, look at this"! Not wanting to distract my attention on my little boxed friend I gave Jeff a courtesy look that was only intended to last about 2 seconds. So I did give him the look and it did last only 2 seconds, however to my surprise it was followed by a very quick double take!!! To my surprise I was laying my eyes on a remarkable 2 foot Black Tip Reef Shark that was swimming in a tank about 3 feet deep 8 feet long and possibly 3 feet wide.

My first thought was, "Is this legal?" For those of you who don't know, Black Tip Reef Sharks are indigenous to warmer water climates particularly the Caribbean. I have seen these sharks in the wild scuba diving and I can tell you from personal experience that these amazing animals get to be about 6-7 feet long. Who in the world would in the middle of Riverside, CA just happen to stroll into a pet store and buy a Black Tip Reef Shark? You would need a swimming pool converted into a salt water holding tank and have it continually heated to about 80-85 degree water.

I still don't know what to think of my experience at the pet store. Part of me wants to talk my Dad into converting his pool into an giant aquarium and part of me thinks that I should steel this shark and return it to the Caribbean. I wonder which of those is more realistic? Anyways what do you think about this?


Skyler & Elise said...

Congrats on the blog! I am one of those people who will be eagerly anticipating your next entry. Do it often or you will get behind.

Blume Bunch said...

It was found in the 909 , and having lived out here for 3 years there isnt much that would suprise me :) Glad to see you guys are doing good!

The Sorensens said...

When you said you were going to write about a fish, I thought you were going to call me out on killing Moby so many years ago, thank you for forgiving me!