Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shower Habit Turns Amusing

I like that title. Well let me tell you about something that Jennifer and I do differently in the shower. I realize that many people shower differently so I'm not writing this to criticize my wife or anything.

You see when I am reaching the end of my soap I will get a new bar and kinda fuse the old bar to the new one so I don't have any waste. My wonderful wife on the other hand does not do this. She will use about one half to 3/4 of a bar and then move on to the new one. She will never fuse! So me, not wanting to be wasteful, will fuse her bars for her.

About a month ago I bought her some new soap from Costco which was a little bit different than her old soap. The old soap was some exfoliating yellow Dove bar and the new one is a white Dove bar so when I fused the two bars together this is what came up. So for the next week Jennifer was washing herself with an egg which we both thought was funny. End of story.


Dana and Adam said...

That's cute!

Elise said...

Forget the soap...use a poof lather with shower gel. We have man gel and girlie gel.

Anonymous said...

You seriously bloged abiut fusing soap. WOW

Bek said...

shower gel all the way. end th fusion.

but i did enjoy this post!