Monday, February 2, 2009


There are a few things that I love about Utah and I must say that this is one of them.
I love waking up in the morning and seeing my car the way it is supposed to look (covered in mud or snow). I know that those of you who live in Utah are probably thinking, "Try living here and then you won't like it so much". And to that I say, "You are probably right. I live in California so I love being able to be in this weather every so often". I realize it is not always an amazing sight to see your front yard covered with a new layer of snow.

Now this is the real reason for the trip.
I did get to go snowboarding for a day (which was sort of rad) but the real reason I went to Utah was I got to see my niece one last time before she and her parents moved to Illinois. She was blessed in church on the 25th and it was great being able to be a part of that. I love this kid.

Now the snowboarding. I did take many of your suggestions from my earlier post and I went to The Canyons. When I got there it was raining in the parking lot. I was so close to going back to my sisters place but I said to myself that if I did then I had no balls. So I went and I was glad I did. The rain stopped half way up the mountain and it was snowing all day. The powder was amazing and it was so much fun. Unfortunately I accidentally made my way to the bottom part a couple of times and got rained on which totally blew, but all in all it was a really fun day. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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Bek said...

mikey, i'm glad you had fun. i can't believe kelly is a mama. i can't wait to be a milf someday.