Friday, April 24, 2009

Jeffrey=Mother Bird

So here is a new story that you will either find really sad or really great. I guess it just depends on what kind of person you are.

At Allied Steel we have many trailers that we either own or rent to ship all of our material to our job sites. (See Picture)

At one particular job site, we have had three trailers that have been sitting there since January with our material on it. We try not having trailers sitting at a job site for too long but in this case we were forced to have these trailers in Winchester, California. Just yesterday we finally were able to use this material and send two of these trailers back to our shop in Los Angeles.

My brother Jeff was walking by these trailers at our shop in Los Angeles and heard a noise coming form them. He started to look around where this noise was coming from and realized that the noise he was hearing were four baby birds that were all in a nest that was tucked away in a discrete area on this trailer. Some how these birds were able to miraculously stay in there nest the entire 95 mile drive. Now at our shop in Los Angeles we have a ton of ferrel cats that roam around and Jeff knew that these birds would be killed the first night and there was no way we could drive this trailer back to the job site and just hope that the birds mother would find them so Jeff decided to take them home.

Now here is where it is sad. Somewhere in Winchester, CA there is a poor mother bird who is searching for her nest and four kids. I actually feel really bad about that. Another sad thing is that we are now trying to do what we can to make sure that these birds survive until they can fly away. The best chance these birds have at survival is their real mother. Jeff and his family will do their best to nurture these chicks.

On the other hand this is a great story because my brother Jeff has now become this kind of savior to animals. He is always trying to help stray and defenseless animals.

Today my sister-in-law brought the birds to work and this video is of me feeding my brother's babies.


Katie said...

I found some baby birds outside on the sidewalk once. They must have fallen out of a tree. After looking around and trying to see if I could find their nest, I took them inside and just had animal control come pick them up. My hope is that they would raise them until they could fly. I found out later on, that Dave Kossub actually used to raise baby birds. You should ask him for advise to give to your brother!

Sarah said...

I think this story is sweet. Also- rebekah and I were laughing really hard at a memory of you imitating Brandy in Cinderella. Another sweet story.

Kelly and Nate Wright said...

Poor Mama Bird... so sad! Jeff is awesome. Mom was saying that the birds recognize Jeff as their mommy now... so cute! He makes me proud.

Bek said...

yeah, mikey do you remember when you imitated brandy? you flared your nostrils really big and stuff. i'm laughing hysterically as i write this even!

you're amazing.

Michael and Shelley said...

I hope they make it!! So sweet of him to take the baby birds home. Still so sad for the mother, though.

Jason C. said...

Have the birds begun to fly? How are they doing?

Steve A. said...

I have made no secret of the fact that I love Jeffrey. Thanks for another reason, Mikey.