Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bridge to Nowhere

So Jennifer and I went on another hike on Saturday. It all started off on Friday night when Jennifer asked what we were doing the next day. I told her that I didn't care as long as I get to watch the Angel game. She suggested that we go on a hike and I instantly knew where we were going. By the way, I am not talking about the Angels right now. That is for another post entirely, of which I am in far too good of a moode right now to do at this time.

We meant to get out much earlier than we did but one thing lead to another and we finally left at around 11:30 which got us started on our hike at around 12:30. The Bridge to Nowhere is a hike that starts just north of Azusa off the 210 freeway. It is a 9 mile hike round trip and I thought it would be a lot of fun for me and Jen to try out. I actually did this hike twice as a boy scout. The first time was a success and the second time was...well, lets just say that we had to finish the hike off by being rescued by a helicopter.

The Bridge to Nowhere was built in 1936 and was part of a project that was supposed connect San Gabriel Valley to Wrightwood. In March of 1938 there was a huge flood that whipped out most of the road to the bridge. The project was abandoned and and now the only access to the bridge is by hiking trails. That is why it is such a unique piece of architecture. Right there in the middle of the wilderness there is this huge beautiful bridge with no roads that lead to it, just a hiking trail. I love this hike and might I say it is so cool to live in Southern California. We are so close to the city, beaches, mountains, biking trails, rock and roll, rivers and Mexico. I seriously love this place.

So here are some pictures of our hike. I wish I could post all of them but Jennifer absolutely forbids it. I don't get it, but here is what she will allow.

Jennifer thought that this last picture was inappropriate to put up and I convinced her that it is not any less appropriate of some pictures of me in a speedo that are circulating around out there. I just wanted to show you that the water was cold. So if you were offended by it I am sorry and I will send you a speedo picture shortly.


Kelly and Nate Wright said...

Fun hike! Why were you stripped down in the water? Could you imagine if you were called to be bishop or something at some point in your life and then all of a sudden that picture circulates through your whole ward... Or even the speedo picture? I think you should post one in the nude. But warn me first so I don't look at it. Sister's shouldn't see their brother's in the nude.

Elise said...

Mike-I really like your hat. You should wear it more often. Cool hike.

Bek said...

mikey, you're half naked!!!!!

Dana said...

That looks so fun!

Bek said...

when are you posting on your belated honeymoon?

Bek said...

do a new post, mikey!!!!