Monday, October 12, 2009

Kauai and World Series

So I have quite a predicament. I foolishly planned a trip to Kauai for the wrong week. Let me explain.

I am really excited to go to Kauai in two weeks. A vacation like this doesn't come around every year for us and we really can't wait to go. On the other hand I am really excited that the Angels will possibly go on to the World Series.

I leave to Kauai Sunday October 25th and won’t be back until November 1st. Now if the Angels go to the World Series, they will have home field advantage. This means that the Angels will be playing at home on October 28th and 29th for games 1 & 2. They will be away for the 31st, Nov. 1st, and the 2nd. After that, if necessary, games 6 & 7 will be at home on the 4th and 5th of November. Now our company has season tickets to the playoffs which means that I have essentially only two shots at going to any game which are games 6 and 7. There is a possibility that that if one of the teams wins four games right away, I may not even get to see any of the games whatsoever because there is not a chance Jennifer will let me watch any game while on our vacation. Granted this only matters if the Angels beat the Yankee’s four times by the end of next week which I think will happen.

So bottom line is I am really stoked to go to Kauai for a week, but I wish I picked a different week.


Kelly and Nate Wright said...

So, what does Jen have to say about this? I see the predicament but for me, it wouldn't even be a question. The Angel's will win with or without you and you will win with your wife :) I say, get over it, enjoy EVERY moment with your woman in Kauai, and don't be thinking about the Angels or watching their games while you are there. Haven't you seen "Just Married"? Granted, there are a few details that are a little different but you get the gist of it. Anyway, good luck to ya bro!

Elise said...

Hawaii will be way better....I can guarantee it. I think you should even go as far as to not watch the games while in Hawaii either. Let it be a surprise when you arrive home.