Friday, October 17, 2008

Allied Steel

Some people ask me from time to time what I do for a living so I thought I would expound on that. I work for my family's company called Allied Steel. My Dad has been working here for 30+ years and owns the company with his brother Perry, and my Grandfather owned this company before them. I really like what I do, well most of the time. Here are some pictures to show you what exactly we do.

Allied Steel has been in business for the past 60 years and we specialize in steel construction for water treatment plants and sanitation districts. We do the steel construction for all those places that make your water drinkable and those places that clean your used water.

We make handrail...

...and buildings.

Here are some of my employees installing a roof to a building.

Here is the same roof from below.

We also do grating.

We make stairs and ship ladders as well.

This is a cool plant in Rialto that turns human poop into fuel. This is an experimental plant that may or may not work. The project cost over $200 million. This is our building called the Dryer Structure which, well it's going to dry the poop. This is before all the equipment was put in.

...and after most of the equipment.

Now this is the part of my job that I hate. We also do work for Sanitation Districts. This is where my pet Mobey went after my friend Erin killed him. You also may have many pet fish that have gone here too after they have deceased. Other names for the Sanitation District are Wastewater Treatment Plant, Brown Trout Farm, Turd Farm, S%*@ Plant and so forth.

This building is called the Grit Building. FYI from this point on if you have a weak stomach you better skip the rest of these pictures.

Inside the grit building you find big machines that separate water from things.

These machines send surprises onto this conveyor belt.

I'll spare you of the kinds of surprises you can find on this conveyor belt. I have close up pictures of these surprises. Let's just say it smells like crap in the grit building. I have to go to places like this from time to time to measure the spaces where we will build things. In this particular room we are building a platform so people can walk on it and look into these machines that separate the water from the "things".

This is where the conveyor belt takes these little surprises.

Can you guess what are in these pictures?

That's no balloon!

These are everywhere.

Well that is what I do for a living. I hoped you enjoyed your virtual tour of Allied Steel. I really like my job but I do hate to go to the Turd Farm. Click Here for further learning tools about where your pet fishes go.


Dana and Adam said...

Thank you for your post, Mike. You reminded me why I don't drink tap water.

Erin | Adam said...

His tank was so dirty, I didn't think cleaning it would kill him. I'm so sorry Mikey.

Michael said...

To respond to Dana and Adam's comment, I should have mentioned that the water that goes to the Wastewater Treatment Facilities do not go back for human consumption. You may see on the side of the freeway little signs that say "Recycled Water Used Here". This water is not shipped to households or businesses. You are perfectly fine drinking your tap. And as for Erin, I may never forgive you, but I will always love you.

Mark and Juli said...

Interesting. What is the longest "thing" you have ever measured at work? You have a cool job. Mark

Tayebi Sisters said...

you look like one of the village people. good look.

JD said...

Question: if you were to pull a prank of knew someone who was, would you have unrestricted access to these surprises? I know a guy who might want to know...

Michael said...

JD, I am not really sure what you are talking about but I can say that I usually don't like the way your mind thinks so I don't think I can provide any surprises for you for any type of prank unless it has to do with burning it in a brown paper bag on someone’s porch. That was a long sentence.

Anonymous said...

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