Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been wondering if I would be doing this or not and I thought that I should for some very good reasons. I have decided to talk about the election and two of the things that I will be voting for, Prop 4 and Prop 8.

First, Prop 4. I am a little surprised that this proposition is not getting some more attention. Simply said it is a yes vote will require that Doctors wait to perform abortions on girls whom are under 18 years of age until 48 hours after he notifies the pregnant girls parents or guardians. A no vote keeps it the same and girls can continue to get abortions without their parents being notified.

I agree with Prop 4 and here are the arguments. Prop 4 supporters claim that if this is not passed then child predators will continue to pay for their little girlfriends abortions so they can continue to have sex with them. Also parents will know of all medical procedures done on the girl and can notify doctors if this girl is in the hospital later because of complications due to her abortion. Sarah's Law was created because a girl was taken to get an abortion by her much much older boyfriend and did not notify her parents. She later had to go to the hospital because of complications from her abortion. Because her parents did not know of the abortion they could not report it to the doctor. Eventually they found out what had happened to this girl through test but it was too late. This girl ended up dying because her parents did not know about this procedure. Here is another video for supporters.

People who oppose Prop 4 say that this will force girls to tell abusive family members about their pregnancies. Here is their video.

Personally I feel that parents need to know about their children's medical procedures. They can't get tans a tanning salons without permission but they can get abortions without their knowledge.

This picture kind of helped me muster up the courage to post something about Prop 8. I feel very strongly about Prop 8 but I must admit that I have not always felt so strongly. When I heard about Prop 8 I was actually going to vote no on it. I have gay friends, and I felt that they are good people and they should be allowed to marry if they want to. I used to be angry in church when people would talk about it and make plans for supporting it. I was quite about it though and talked about it to only a hand full of people.

After a while I started to realize some of the consequences of gay marriage. As most of you already know, gay marriage has already been legalized in Massachusetts. We have a unique opportunity to see what has happened there before we make our vote on November 4th. So far children have been taught in schools that gay marriage is an equal alternative to heterosexual marriage. Catholic adoption agencies have shut their doors in Massachusetts and have to operate out of state because they were being required to go against their religious beliefs and place children in same sex households. This is not good for our society. Also as homosexual relationships are considered more and more acceptable, religious people will become more and more persecuted for being discriminative and intolerant. I don't want to have my religious beliefs be scrutinized and challenged because we won't adapt the we believe to coincide to the way people feel today.

Another point I want to make is that same sex couples have all the rights that traditional couples have. This is not a civil rights issue. I agree with this and fully believe they should enjoy these same rights. Here is a video about Prop 8 that I like.


Katz Family said...

(This is Ben here, Fist time comment leaver)
Strong work, Mike. Standing up for what you believe is right when others, or your friends, don't agree says a lot. I was way proud of Jana standing on the corner with her "yes on 8" sign while getting yelled and sworn at.
Like in Mass., from what I've read, it's already starting here. In San Fransisco a 1st grade class was taken to a lesbian wedding as an educational experience ( And the CTA (teacher association for CA) gave $1.25 million to support no on 8 (and the commercials with them saying it will have no effect on schools and then giving that much money just blows my mind).
AND the fact that the courts overturned such a widely approved vote is madness. I don't care what the issue is. If over 63% of Californians voted that gov. Schwarzenegger buys Carls Jr. six-dollar-bacon-guacamole burgers every tuesday for breakfast, than I say bring on the meat(those things are awesome)(I mean really. You should try one). Who are these couple of judges to intervene.
And I could go on and on. So while I don't agree with Tom and Jan owning a minivan, I do agree with them on Prop. 8. And I'm proud for you saying so too.
(I know poorly-worded-long comment, but its my first and it can only get better)

KTprice said...

I am so proud of you Mike!