Monday, November 3, 2008


People who oppose Proposition 8 are really quick to point the finger and accuse the supporters of being intolerant. I appreciate people like "K" who was highlighted in my last post for the civility in their arguments. However I find that there are a lot of those who are not like "K" and who are some of the most intolerant people out there. They are trying to take away our free speech, and right to feel safe. Just this morning my Dad found my sticker on my car has been decimated, which might I add takes away my freedom of speech. Now who is being intolerant?


Erin | Adam said...

If someone scratching away at your sticker is the worst thing that's happened, I think that's great. Prop 8 supporters don't need to make themselves martyrs over this. Love you Mikey.

Katie said...

I wish I was still a California resident so I could vote YES ON PROP 8!!!

Erin | Adam said...

And I am voting yes so I can say this:)

Michael said...

I agree with you Erin, I am lucky. I still don' think that it is right to react in this way or in other ways like you see in the video

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

Though I do not support 8, I regard your arguments and highly respect your well-thought opinion. To me, you represent the other half of the political spectrum, a veritable need in the democratic process.

I will think of you if I happen to see some Yes supporters with bad manners and hope you will kindly do the same if No people behave badly as well- sadly, there has been less than Kindergarten-level conduct on both sides.

Thankfully, you have not sustained any other damage than your bumper sticker. This angers me too because the right of free speech is an undeniable right. I apologize and hope that you know there are people out there who can agree to disagree.


Michael said...

Wow, Thank you so much M. I have no idea if M and K, from my last post, are strangers or if you are friends of mine that just wish to stay anonymous. I had no idea that people other than my family and friends read my blog. I think that this is really great.

Elise said...

Thanks for taking a stand on what you believe. That is more than I can say.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

One last comment... I am a complete stranger that inexplicably ended up on your site. I thought it was a mistake, but maybe it wasn't. Though I respectfully disagree, you helped me walk around in your shoes for a bit and see what Prop 8 means to you and your family and see what's at stake. Even my mother, an ardent supporter of 8 could not do this during nightly debates. This is the only reason why I bothered to comment on your site. Thank you for respecting the No position as well.

Whatever your beliefs, hobbies, agenda, keep blogging. Best to you and your family whatever the outcome.

Kind regards,

satomblablabla said...


I am a friend of bek's. Since I got a blog a several months ago, I have read some of your comments in her posts and find you very funny. Anyway, because you've made me laugh out loud, I will occasionally stop on by to your blog for kicks. (Loved the "Ant" post btw)

I just thought I'd introduce myself now that I have officially blog-stalked you. I just read a few of your posts on the election and want to thank you for presenting in such an open-minded way. I wish there were more Christians like you out there!