Thursday, November 27, 2008

All Time Best?

Fine Katie I will update the blog. Sorry to all of my fans for taking such a long time to do this. It has been all too busy for me to update our blog so I will try and do better.

So what are the all time best of anything you can think of? Movies, Bands, Gifts, Friends, Albums... and the list goes on. This post is about my all time best albums of all time. Well one in particular. I love music. I don't think I can put my finger down on "The Best Album of All Time", and I don't really think that is even possible. I would say though that I could easily put Pink Floyd's album, The Wall, in my top five albums of all time. I love every song, and it is laid out so perfectly in the album. I can listen to it for days on end.

Well I saw a little bit ago that The Australian Pink Floyd Show would be playing at the Honda Center and would perform The Wall in its entirety. This was an amazing opportunity that I simply could not pass by.

As "Cover Bands" are concerned I can think of a few that are just spot on to the original. There is Iron Heart, Electric Youth, and now I can say The Australian Pink Floyd Show. They literally sounded just like Pink Floyd and did such an amazing job performing. I absolutely loved it and if you are a Pink Floyd fan and this band is coming to your town soon, I would definitely try and make it to this show.

By the way, although I hate Joey right now I must thank him for taking me and Jenny to this show. He really is the man for doing so, even when we are in a fight for our lives.