Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Hate Joey Winter

So I wanted to start a website but the URL is taken. The website is www.ihatejoey.com and for some weird reason it is taken by this movie about Jerusalem and its relations with Christians, Jews, Muslims and so on. I don't really get that. How does www.ihatejoey.com relate to this?

Anyways I do hate Joey Winter and I want your support. If you don't know the story between us you need to read about it. I need you to join my side on this too. This is a really serious matter and the more people that hate Joey Winter the better off we all are. Thank you.


Erin | Adam said...

I'm starting a website called www.ilovejoeyandmikey.com

It's where they are both loved equally by all.

But I love Ian more than both of you. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Long live Joey he is the best. I can not take your side in this war, unless you agree to certian demands.

joey said...

tsk tsk Mikey, I don't hate you, I just think your worthless. Hate is such an ugly thing while my desire to murder you is beautiful and just. No one needs to choose a side, your just going to disappear from humanity. In fact, I promise you won't even suffer at my hand. I can't however make any promises in regards to your fiery accommodations beyond your wasted existence.

Bek said...

mike, you're so getting murdered in your sleep. joey, you're going straught to hell. guys, don't shoot the messenger. i'm just the messenger.

Elise said...

I've known Joey longer, but I know Mike better. I'm torn. Mike did almost ruin my surprise marriage proposal from Skyler...hmmm, I might have to take that into consideration!