Monday, March 10, 2008


So this weekend that just passed my brother Rhett and myself took ourselves a little road trip. We decided to venture up to Northern California to a place call Livermore so that we can visit our grandparents who are not doing too well with their health. Let me tell you about this trip.

First of all I hate Los Angeles traffic. We decided to leave at noon on Friday so that we could get out of LA before the freeways got too busy. Well that was a total bust. We spent two extra hours driving than we anticipated because of stupid LA traffic. The rest of the trip was stellar.

I wish I was better at taking pictures so I could give you a total account visually of what we did but I am not that mindful of breaking out the camera for every moment. I did though get out the camera when I got back and took a picture of my windshield. The next three pictures is why it would suck to be a bug in the California Grapevine. I wish that this camera would actually do justice to the great slaughter that happened on my windshield.


Katie said...

But was it as fun as our road trip? I doubt it!

Erin & Adam said...

dude, you were so close to castro valley, home of the best thrift store ever, Thrift Town USA!!!