Monday, March 17, 2008

Emm Jay

So XM Radio has this month a channel solely dedicated to Michael Jackson (XM Thriller) due to his 25th anniversery of Thriller coming out. I couldn't be more excited well that is until I figured out by listening that not everything that Michael Jackson crapped was gold. Well granted I have said for a long time that I love and am a huge fan of Michael Jackson pre-Black & White album. After that album pretty much everything blew. I was however so disappointed to hear how crappy a lot of his music was as I tried to listen to XM Thriller. I mean he was a huge idol of mine and I never want to say anything that would hurt him unless it did have to do with his child molestation crap. I mean come on, who can back him on that? Musically though Pre-Black & White I thought he was a genius. Just think of all of his greats. I have found that for every "Great" song he made he probably had 3 bad ones. I just feel really confuesed now.


Katie said...

Hi Mike and Jennifer! I wanted to let you know I added your blog to my list of blogs I check on a regular basis. I think it is funny that you titled your post "emm jay" I have certain relatives that actually considered naming their child "Emjay" and I can't even tell you how much I couldn't stand it and wanted to hold an intervention! I love Michael Jackson's music, but that was pre-pedophile status. I think his life is sad and I wish he gets help for the rest of his life, and thank goodness for his contribution to the music world in the early years.

Now, Mike, go give your wife a massage!

Michael said...

I have been listening to XM Thriller more and do have to say that they must have gotten a new DJ because they are playing some more of the Michael Jackson classics. They do still play alot of the crap but all in all XM Thriller is starting to rock.