Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day at Allied Steel

Don't worry, I figured it out.

And when things need to be moved, I am the man for the job.


Neal & Wendy said...

Thanks for the lengthy comment! We like all the advice/insight we can get, seriously. Buying a home is a huge deal, and we want to make sure we make the best choice possible. As far as the cows go - the guy we talked to from Centex homes let us know that the dairies surrounding the preserve will all be gone. The 2 dairies you're saying that will be left have actually already been purchased, and will be released for auction soon for the developers to bid on. All the other dairies have been released and auctioned off, and there are plans for building.Seriously though, that's only if the guy was being honest with us. To tell you the truth though, the smell of the cows is something we'd be fine dealing with, considering the substantial price difference in real estate (between Chino and OC)...some of the same exact homes are going up in Brea, for more the 200k over what they're asking in Chino. You can't smell the cows in the houses, only when you're outside. That makes me believe it'd be tolerable. The developer we spoke to also told us about all the strip malls etc being put up all around the preserve, as we speak. They're developing Chino like crazy. So long cows, hello new OC. Also, the association fees. We know, total bummer. The places we're looking at on the preserve will pay the association fees for the first 2 years, and then it's left to us. Honestly though, the association takes care of all the crap we wouldn't want to have to. We figure at some point in our lives we'll be wasting money putting it towards an "association"...better than shelling out money on renting somewhere. But yes, you couldn't be more spot on when you talk about all the new homes that will be going up, in addition to the preserve. We're not in any hurry...I mean lets be honest, we're super excited to move as soon as possible, but not til we find the best option possible. A ton of Neal's buddies from the police dept live on the preserve, and even more are moving out there. Seems the way to go. But alas, Neal has dreams of mowing a lawn, and I want a doggy. We'd need a yard for that. Priorities, right? Haha. Anyway, keep us posted if you hear of other great places! We'll do you the same favor.

Neal & Wendy said...

p.s. my comment length blew yours out of the water. sorry!

Tayebi Sisters said...

you look like you should be in the village people!