Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Joseph Smith

Ok so I just got an email from my sister-in-law Heather and in this email is this picture of what someone claims to be Joseph Smith. I don't really know whether or not this is actually Joseph Smith or not but I am going to say probably not. Todays Internet fad of forwarding on everything even if it is not true really bugs me. Heather forwarded this on to see what others thought of it rather than to say, "Hey everyone look, a picture of Joseph Smith!!!" so I say thank you to you Heather. So I will research it later but for now here is the email that she sent along with the picture. I also attached a commonly used painting of Joseph so you can compare. Please tell me what you think.

Check this picture out. It has just been released by the RLDS church as
being an authentic picture of the prophet Joseph Smith. President Rand
Packer was sent another picture of him that was just found in Nauvoo. He
cant release it yet till the church works out the copyright on it but he can
show it. Jim and I are going over to his house to see it later on today. He
said it took his breath away when he saw this new one for the first time.
By the way, they think this photo was taken shortly after he escaped from
Liberty jail.


Kelly & Nate Wright said...

Well their nose and mouth look really similar. I guess we'll see if the church ends up releasing it!

Tayebi Sisters said...

that's actually an authentic photo of my dad before he came to america. i thought that wa obvious.

Anonymous said...

The only way we'll know for sure if this is actually Joseph Smith is to pray about it. If it is for our own good, the Lord will manifest the truth unto us.