Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pet Peeves Day # 1

I have decided that I am going to dedicate the next seven days of
blogs to seven of my pet peeves. Let me know how you feel about what I
hate. I am totally unsure of what I will be putting down for all seven
days so hopefully I have that many things to complain about. I do have
the first two or three down so here goes my first day of pet peeves.

I am watching American Idol for the first season. For the most part I
am kind of embarrassed to admit that I am quite entertained each week
and I have some of my favorites. It is entertaining to watch the
performances, successes, failures, and so on. I do agree with Simon
most of the time and think that he has a great sense of good and bad

There is one thing that absolutely drives me nuts about American Idol
and that is the retarded crowed in the pit. They can never clap on
beat and just don't know how to act at a show. But the worst of all is
the arm swaying. This is my pet peeve of the day. I absolutely hate
the arm sway. It happens every time there is a song that has a slower
tempo which wouldn't be appropriate for a little dancing, screaming
for the contestants, or singing along with the music. So what do these
little invalids do you ask? They stick their arms straight up in the
air and start swaying them side to side. They all do it too!!!! They
are bumping into each other because they all sway at different speeds
and they look like unsynchronized Temple of Doom Indians that piss you
off. I sometimes wish I had the laser from Congo that cuts through
everything so when they start swaying their arms I could cut them all
off for abusing the gift that God gave them. Seriously people, STOP

Please check out this video of David Archuleta to see what in the world I am talking about.


Kelly & Nate Wright said...

I agree... the arm sway is lame. But not as lame as short man syndrome. Short man syndrome is the worst.

Erin & Adam said...

I bet they're told to sway their arms once a slow song comes the show...they're just obeying...PS: Reality TV sucks!