Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pet Peeves Day # 5

I never realized how dificult it would be to come up with seven pet peeves. I am starting to run out of ideas. There are some pet peeves that I do have that I am really silent about though because I don't want to offend people. So I really hope that I will be able to keep my commitment to give you the reading public seven consecutive days on my rants.

Todays pet peeve is one that I can totally understand. Really I do, but that does not change the fact that my hands turn to fists every time this happens. As many of you know I am an Angels fan, I have been one as long as I can remember. We have had season tickets for the longest time and I just love going to the games. As a matter of fact my first date with my wife was to an Angels game, although she had no idea that it was a date at that time.

What I hate is when you are at a game and the other team hits a homerun or scores or does something really good for them, and the fans in the stands go crazy rooting for the oposing team. Let me tell you I totally understand and would do the same thing if I were at a game the Angels were playing in at another stadium. I would love to walk in the Yankee Stadium wearing my Angels gear and cheering for all the great plays made by my team. This does not change the fact that it hurts and makes me so mad when people come into my house and disrespect me by cheering for the other team. I mean this is my house and I would hate to have someone come into my house disrespecting my family. This is the way I feel even though I would totally never hesitate to go into someone elses house and disrespect their families (aka the Yankee or Red Sox).

And for your information the Yankees and the Red Sox fans are the worst when it comes to this. Sometimes at the baseball games I think to myself or even out loud, "If they love these teams so much then why don't they move to where they play"? That's what the Brooklyn Dodgers fans did in the 50's. When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles so did many of their fans for that reason.

Oh well I for one will always be an Angels fan.


Anonymous said...

Mike Clevland Fans are pretty obnoxious as well

Elise said...

You are probably going to get some negative comments on this one...starting with me. What's wrong with supporting your team? People move all that time. They should have a right to cheer as much as they want wherever they want.

Michael said...

I forgot to mention in this blog that I feel the same way at the Ducks games. I love the Ducks just as much as I do the Angels even though I have been an Angels fan for more than twice as long as I have been a Ducks fan. It's like my mom loves me just as much as she loves my sister Kelly even though she had me six years earlier. I can't stand to see people coming in and cheering for the other team.

And as for Elise's comment, that is why I tried to let it be known that I totally understand people doing this and I would do it too if I were in another stadium cheering on the Angels. I thought I made that clear.

skyler said...

"As many of you know I am an Angles fan".

I too am an "angles" fan. Mostly of right angles but obtuse angles are also pretty awesome.

Michael said...

Oops, Thanks Skyler