Monday, April 7, 2008

Pet Peeves Day # 2

Ok now on to day two of my pet peeves. As a side note I was thinking about it this morning and I sure hope I will be able to fulfil my commitment to put down seven pet peeves that I have. I had a hard time remembering what I was going to put down for day two. That is not to say that I am any less bugged by the monstrosity that is the word verification.

I have been blogging now sense December 23rd and am trying my best to be a good blogger. I try to keep my blogs up do date and I try to read other peoples blogs as often as I can and make comments when I have the time to do so. I know that I have made at least 17 comments because of the word verifications that I have typed in the past. For some reason it keeps a log of all the words that you have typed in.

Word verification is the topic of my blog for today. Simply said I hate it. First of all these clearly are not words. Let me type all 17 "words" that I have been forced to type in just so I can leave a comment on one of my friends blogs. They are as followed: elsrxow, enuiyn, gtbtci, ikrtbeh, ivexeks, iweio, lbmaskq, mqerxcye, mtmobxz, nutlj, oaeayxvr, orzrtsdx, pwpktukr, rnmwoa, viasmkzw, wmppu, and zvscro. Are you serious?!!! Ticket Master does this same thing and I have always felt dumb for never knowing the meaning behind all of these words.

Argument# 1: These are not words. What if you were a foreigner using blogs to try to enhance your English skills and you had to type in words like these? Wouldn't you feel so frustrated that you would give up the language entirely because you know that you would never be able to figure out words like pwpktukr? Word verifications are stopping people from learning new languages.

Argument# 2: Why do they twist these words and make it sometimes impossible to read? Seriously, sometimes there are words where L's and I's look virtually the same and you do your best to try and type in the word letter by letter and you still get it wrong! Why do they twist up these "words" so you can't even tell what letters are in it?

Argument# 3: Ticket Master uses this too. What if you mess up on the word, because of argument# 2, and by the time you actually type it in right the concert is sold out?

Argument# 4: Who cares? What can be so important that you have to type in an impossible to read word just to put your comment up? Are bloggers just trying to keep visually impaired people from commenting on their blogs? Oh my gosh, there is argument# 5.

Argument# 5: What about the visually impaired?

Ok so I am going to keep my word verification setting on for the next week so you all can experience what I am talking about. And for all you bloggers out there, do everyone that takes time out of their day to read your blog and leave comments a favor by removing the word verification setting on your blog. Thanks.

P.S. Adam, since you are my "English friend", can you verify that I am not dumb by letting me know that these really are not words? My spell check says they are all misspelt! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

How will the Visually impared people read your blog anyway?

The Goulding's said...

Mike, you seem really angry about these pet peeves. I think you just need a hug.

Oh, and nothing makes me happier than having to type "ulrfk" in order to post this comment.

Michael said...

First of all I am not talking about completely blind people, I am talking about people who can see but are legally blind. My math teacher in college was legally blind but could see. When he graded papers he had this eye piece magnify glass that he would use so he could see what he was grading.

Secondly after I posted this comment yesterday I read about the word verification and why it exists. I do now see a point for it but I still hate having to type these words to post comments.

Elise said...

I only added it after I got a comment that was an ad. Plus I heard of people hacking into blogs and I don't want to lose my happiness, which is my blog!

P.S. I got the word wrong twice! How ironic!

Katie said...

If you want to get rid of the word verification you can. Go under settings and comments and you can choose to not have them on your blog.

On another note, we went to boulder last weekend. Next time we go, you and Jennifer should drive up and meet us!

Erin & Adam said...

They are not words, but sometimes some places do use words. your word verification is still on.