Friday, April 11, 2008

Pet Peeves Day # 6

I have many many many pet peeves on the road. I will only talk about one today. For those who do not understand how a four way stop sign works or how to pass someone on a two way highway please click here to learn how these things are supposed to work. Today I will just talk about one thing and that is the "Eternal Blinker".

I would like to personally take this time to blame Mrs. Erin Marie Sorensen for this pet peeve. I can link her directly to my irritation for the eternal blinker. I really never noticed this or cared about the eternal blinker until one day I was driving with my friend, Erin, and she all of a sudden went crazy about someone who had on their turn signal for what seemed like an eternity. Ever since that moment I started to see this everywhere and I too now go a little crazy with the eternal blinker. I really want to be a courteous driver and so sometimes I will see someone who wants to change lanes in front of me so I will slow down to let them in. I'll think to myself, "They seen scared to make the change though! Why don't they move in"? So then I will wave my hand at them indicating to them that they are safe to make the change, yet they move not!!! "Why don't they just go? Clearly there is enough room!!! Oh, it is because they have on their eternal blinker." This is so obnoxious to me.

This is all thanks to Erin. You can find her and her husbands blog from this page under Adam and Erin.

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Erin & Adam said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am so sorry I started this eternal blinker issue but I am glad to report that this is close the bottom of my pet peeves on the road are my top three current road (LA driving) pet peev es.
1. Lane crossers/stradlers. The streets are so tight around here it gets so annoying when people are in both lanes...not allowing you to just drive in your lane.
2. In connection with the above issue is the pre lane changer no blinker person...who starts to lean toward the line because they want to change lanes but start to do it before they put a blinker on or look. They've almost killed me.
3. The person who doesn't know where they are so they drive slowly instead of just pulling over to figure it out! I understand that LA is an intimidating place to drive but seriously, if you can't tell where to turn, pull over and get out of the way so the rest of us can get home!
4.Yeah I'm adding a forth and that's the honk backer. Almost everyday I have to honk to alert someone that they're going to hit me and they give me the honk back. Freak man, I did this so you wouldn't hit me, you should be thanking me but instead they are too pround to put up the I'm sorry for almost hitting you hand so they honk back.

Thanks Mikey, that felt good. haha.